Profile of Sarah Mlundira – International Women in Engineering 2020

Profile of Sarah Mlundira – International Women in Engineering 2020
25 June 2020

To mark International Women in Engineering Day 2020, we are celebrating the careers and achievements of women at Ricardo. Here we meet Sarah Mlundira, Chief Engineer – Power Electronics, within the Ricardo Automotive and Industrial Division. Here, we find out about she values her career in engineering at Ricardo, and why given the ability to improve people’s lives, being an engineer is so rewarding.

What’s the best part of your job?

Sarah Mlundira: “The best part of my job is variety. My role is both customer-facing and technical. I work with a variety of customers from different industries including automotive, energy, rail, marine and aerospace. Having variety in my work means that I get to encounter different situations with different problems, which forces me to get creative in order to offer the best solutions to our customers. No two days are the same which makes work fun. I feel empowered and challenged on every project I get involved in. I love working with like-minded people who are passionate about their work and work extremely hard.”

Why is it important to you to be able to do high quality work at Ricardo?

Sarah Mlundira:
“Ricardo is a consultancy. One of our unique selling points and differentiator is being able to deliver high quality work to our customers and doing this efficiently. We often work with very tight timescales, but we do not compromise on quality because of the processes that we implement. I take quality personally in that I believe it not only reflects on the company’s reputation, but mine too.  Aristotle wrote: “Quality is not an act.  It is a habit.” At Ricardo it is everyone’s responsibility (and a habit) to ensure we deliver high quality work.”

Why is a career in engineering so great to pursue?

Sarah Mlundira: “The way we do things in engineering is always evolving, which makes becoming an engineer today even more exciting. With engineering, for me finally the mathematics makes sense! After all the painstaking years of adding the alphabet (algebra) or calculating the angle (geometry) there is a reason for all that hard work. I was in the laboratory one day when I could predict the operation of a circuit from mathematical calculations and it was very fulfilling to know that mathematics does ‘add up’ and that  the scientific knowledge and mathematics is used  for the greater good, benefitting mankind.”

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