Ricardo shares Virtual Vienna Symposium experience with customers

Ricardo shares Virtual Vienna Symposium experience with customers
24 April 2020

Ricardo shares Virtual Vienna Symposium experience with customers

With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing delegates from attending this year’s Vienna Motor Symposium, Ricardo is sharing a virtual Vienna experience with customers to highlight clean efficient propulsion technology solutions.

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lock-down across Asia, Europe and North America, Ricardo’s investment in implementing a ‘digital first’ strategy is enabling the company to continue to deliver business-as-usual to its global customer base while minimizing health risk.

As part of this digital first strategy, Ricardo has created a virtual showcase for its technology solutions to share with OEMs, suppliers or delegates from academia or industry bodies who would have attended the 2020 Vienna Motor Symposium.

Ricardo’s Virtual Vienna Symposium experience www.ricardo.com/virtualvienna sets out the company’s true end-to-end service - from concept to design to validation and manufacture – creating clean, efficient, and integrated propulsion systems for the future, based around a systems approach which comprises a number of core technologies and world-leading Research and Development.

The virtual experience offers a range of multi-media content including webinars, blogs, videos and animations featuring Ricardo technology experts and thought leaders, which users can engage with live or on-demand.Key features of Ricardo Virtual Vienna Symposium include:

  • Thought leadership blog on Ricardo’s clean efficient propulsion solutions by Adrian Greaney, Director – Technology & Products
  • The Road to Zero Carbon Lifecycle: video keynote address by Mike Bell, Chief Innovation Officer
  • FREE Live Panel Discussion and Q&A on 12 May 2020 at 09:00hrs BST, also available on demand
  • FREE webinar with Automotive World on Euro 7/VII: future emissions challenges and solutions, on 30 April at 15:00BST/16:00BST, also available on demand
  • Ricardo Future Car Propulsion Technology:
    • Dedicated hybrid engine video
    • Multi-speed EDU video
    • Battery development and cooling video
    • Integrated thermal management animation
  • Controls Software for future powertrains microsite
  • Renewable fuels thought leadership video

The Ricardo Virtual Vienna experience is available free 24/7.

With over 100 years of expertise in integrated propulsion systems, Ricardo is uniquely placed to understand the unique and complex challenges that our customers face, and solve them through creativity, technical expertise, delivery excellence and world-class innovation. Our world-class research and development team defines future technologies to ensure a safe, sustainable mobile world as we deliver successful clean, efficient propulsion systems for the future.