We need to defossilise mobility, but how can we help customers drive the cost out of electrification

We need to defossilise mobility, but how can we help customers drive the cost out of electrification
03 October 2019

We need to defossilise mobility, but how can we help customers drive the cost out of electrification?

Blogged by Adrian Greaney, Director – Technology & Products

Mitigating climate change is a significant challenge. Policy makers around the world are focused on the road to zero emissions. Particular priority has been given to making the transport sector zero carbon as soon as possible, because reducing carbon intensity in other sectors is perceived to be more difficult. Policy makers are trying to eliminate the internal combustion engine from the vehicle park. As engineers, we know that the most efficient use of renewable energy is through Battery Electric Vehicles, but the challenge is that it is unlikely that all transport around the world could be powered by battery electric technologies and certainly not at the pace required.

We believe that net zero greenhouse gas emissions will require a more holistic view of total lifecycle impacts and sustainability, and a more risk-mitigated approach is that meeting transport greenhouse gas goals will require a systems approach: comprising efficiency, utilisation, defossilisation and an integrated multi-energy vector energy system. Future air quality emissions regulations and utility limitations for battery electric systems will ensure that the combustion engine operating on defossilised fuels will remain a key element of automotive and industrial propulsion systems for many decades, as forecast by many sources.

Our customers are being challenged to respond to climate change, legislative strategy, end-customer expectations and OEM product plans. Ricardo has prioritised approaches that drive costs out of electrification and maximise efficiency, where we see strong pull from our global customers.

At Aachen, exhibiting at Booth 23, we are showcasing the core building blocks within our systems approach to electrification:

  • Magma xEV combustion system, specifically delivering 45% brake thermal efficiency in a hybridised passenger car or a light commercial vehicle powertrain
  • Dedicated hybrid engine for hybrid, PHEV and range extender applications offering strong weight, friction and cost optimisation
  • Our multi-speed electrified drive unit (EDU) focused on maximising overall system efficiency, weight reduction and package optimisation, as well as an accompanying complete optimisation tool chain for detailed concept definition
  • A Ricardo 800V automotive battery pack: an enabler for higher efficiency, lighter weight power networks, ultra-fast charging and high systems power output. Featured solutions include: future thermal systems embodying immersion cooling, rapid charging cooling system noise reduction and maximising the efficiency of the battery heating and cooling systems and control as a complete vehicle thermal system. This then delivers significantly improved EV range.
  • The Ricardo Future Vehicle Architecture (FuVA): is an integrated product development process for vehicle sub-systems
  • Our expertise in Virtual Product Development through our Virtual Reality Engineering Review App (ERA) and Styling Review App (SRA). In the ERA application, we will be showing both the dedicated hybrid engine and the electrified drive unit plus the FuVA vehicle and battery experiences

At 9am on Wednesday 9 October in the Berlin Hall, a Ricardo Chief Engineer Roscoe Sellers will present his paper on 'Designing and Testing the Next Generation of High Efficiency Gasoline Engine Achieving 45% Brake Thermal Efficiency’ in a hybridised passenger car or a light commercial vehicle powertrain.

Each day, during the Aachen Colloquium, we will be setting out how we’re leveraging relevant technologies and systems, to support existing and emerging capabilities and requirements, and to provide the most cost-efficient and effective system profile with high levels of availability.

Meet us at Achen booth 23 – for appointments: [email protected] | Engage with us on Linkedin | Download our content at www.ricardo.com/automotive