Digital Resilience Vehicle Assessment and Benchmarking

Digital Resilience Vehicle Assessment and Benchmarking

The Digital Resilience Vehicle Assessment process is a tiered approach, addressing a variety of test categories and providing increasing levels of sophistication tailored to meet the needs of our clients. During the assessment, we help clients understand the risks of any potential vulnerabilities identified and offer further support to address them. We use our benchmarking database to provide an objective assessment of where clients stand with respect to competitors.

Digital Resilience: A Partnership between Roke and Ricardo

Bringing together 160 years of innovative engineering experience, Roke and Ricardo are leading a new approach to cyber security. Our digital resilience partnership is securing connected infrastructure across rail, automotive and energy, ensuring the safety of integrated digital and mechanical systems. Our unparalleled expertise delivering secure and resilient systems manages our clients’ digital risk as a core component of the full system lifecycle.

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