Methane Upcycling

Methane Upcycling

End-to-end biomethane solutions: Turning methane into sustainable fuel

Ricardo offers a tailored suite of holistic technologies from gasification and gas collection, through to biomethane storage and deployment to maximise the environmental and economic performance of your operation.

Our extensive knowledge of the latest propulsion and energy systems, combined with our unique liquefining technology and network of partners enables us to support your selection and deployment of an optimum technology suite for your operation, reducing energy costs and delivering accountable CO2 reduction.

Our Services

  • Environmental and economic impact assessments
  • Measurement of operational and site greenhouse gas emissions
  • Identify site opportunities for energy capture
  • Model environmental and economic impact to aid system selection
  • Operations and maintenance
  • System configuration – gasification, purification, storage and deployment
  • Energy system modelling
  • Identification of local energy partners
  • Turnkey delivery
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Liquefining Technology

Our unique liquefining technology is a modular solution which enables Ricardo to safely liquefy, refine and store intercepted methane gas, to produce a sustainable and valuable biofuel, offering environmental and cost benefits to local industry and agriculture.

The technology processes untreated biogas into fuel on site, allowing local operators to take ownership of their own energy production system, which enables local industry and agriculture to simultaneously reduce CO2 emissions through the capture of waste gas and displace expensive 3rd party fuel charges. Excess fuel can be sold on to local energy consumers. Our modular equipment can be integrated into existing gasification plant, or our experts can select a full suite of technology for your gasification, storage and deployment requirements.

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