Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

Digital and Virtual Engineering are changing the way we do business

Our service brings together engineering, data science and digital infrastructure expertise to enable digital transformation and add value for manufacturers, operators and end users.

Ricardo's holistic approach to digital engineering leverages cross-sector expertise to develop an integrated solution that takes your processes and connects them to exploit all data sources throughout a product’s lifecycle – from design to decommission. Accelerating delivery whilst also de-risking programmes enables you to be confident in right first time, and unlocking the ability to develop connected and data driven vehicle development through continuous feedback.

Our Digital Engineering Services

  • Architecture definition
  • Concept definition
  • Definitive design
  • Virtual calibration
  • Connected control
  • Prognostics
  • Smart validation
  • Test data management and analytics and fleet data activation (including prognostics)

The Ricardo Difference

Ricardo’s digital engineering service brings together world-class engineering expertise and state-of-the-art virtual product development capability, supported by future-forward, digitally enabled facilities such as our Electrified Powertrain Research Centre, to enable digital transformation at every level of the value chain.

Our partnerships in the digital and data industries, including Amey Consulting enable us to bring cutting edge holistic solutions to our clients. We are also ‘groundbreaker’ members of the Digital Twin Consortium which brings together an international ecosystem of industry leaders that are influencing digital twin development, usage and standards requirements.

What is digital engineering and why is it important?

Digital engineering, also referred to as virtual engineering, is the practice of implemeting digital tools and methodologies into the engineering workflow. By simulating products in a virtual space, it enables our engineers to run advanced analysis and optimsation methods without the requirement to test on physical prototypes.

For Ricardo, digital and virtual engineering is all about using digital methods to reduce development time and cost to increase value and to deliver the most sustainable product possible for our customers. It is important for our clients to be able to deliver sustainable products which also meet the performance, safety and quality expectations of the consumer.

This powerful set digital of tools and processes:

  • Allows products to be brought to market quicker
  • Reduces cost of development
  • Improves sustainability
  • Increases value
  • Doesn't compromise on quality or safety of the finished product

Our holistic digital engineering strategy spans the entire lifecycle of the product, leveraging data to optimise, accelerate, de-risk current product development. It also enables continuous product development through simulation, analysis and evaluation of digital models.

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