DiODE: Innovative cooling and thermal management

DiODE: Innovative cooling and thermal management

Developing an electric motor which delivers up to 20% improvement in performance utilising Ricardo's innovative oil cooling and thermal management technologies.

Ricardo is developing innovative technical solutions to accelerate the electric vehicle development with the view to improve electric vehicle uptake. Global vehicle manufacturers already look to Ricardo for our R&D in novel and disruptive cooling technologies and thermal management.

Project DiODE is developing an electric motor concept which uses innovative oil cooling technology to demonstrate up to a 20%  improvement in vehicle performance compared to leading products.

As well as improving performance, the DiODE electric motor is enabling a 10-20% reduction in weight and size which improves vehicle packaging opportunities whilst also reducing the total cost of the vehicle.

Cool runnings: improving the performance and efficiency of electrified transport

Expert Q&A

We speak to Principal Engineer of the DiODE Project about how the technology is already helping customers

Expert Q&A
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The Ricardo Difference

Ricardo is delivering transformative, environmentally sustainable technology innovation, as the trusted global engineering services partner for clean, efficient, integrated propulsion and energy solutions for global transport customers. Our world-class expertise in thermal management and cooling technology is helping customers across the globe to deliver cost-effective products which is helping them to meet emissions legislation without compromising on performance or quality.

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