GSQA - Gear Shift Quality Assessment

GSQA - Gear Shift Quality Assessment

The Ricardo GSQA suite of gear shift quality hardware and software tools are the result of our extensive capability in gear-shift quality development for manual and automatic transmissions. Having been continually developed for 20 years, we are able to supply our GSQA System to customers for use in the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors. GSQA Systems are utilised by 120 users globally.

The GSQA System software contains three key components:

Test Hardware

A comprehensive hardware package is supplied to measure displacement and force effort at the gear shift handset providing metrics of both static and dynamic shifts. A module for measuring clutch pedal travel and force profiles is also available.

Gearshift Data Acquisition Software (GDAS)

The data acquisition software ensures simple and rapid data collection in a variety of conditions and force levels. Specialised acquisition for;
-    H-Gate
-    Crossgate
-    Clutch Motion
-    Static Shifts
-    Dynamic Shifts

Objective Gearshift Analysis Software (OGAS)

This data analysis package natively imports GDAS data, providing automated data verification and analysis to defined metrics. Customised metrics can be specified for your individual needs, on top of the 50 standard measures. Plot and report generation features provide fast and clear outputs for review including overlay comparison.

Benefits of GSQA

  • Automated toolset identifying key shift quality metrics (imprecise lever movement, double bump, high gear shift forces)
  • Easy assessment of all objective aspects of gear shifts and comparison to targets
  • Fast expansion of your benchmarking database
  • Ongoing support and customisation from our development engineers and programmers

To get directly in contact with the GSQA team for a quote or to discuss your business needs and requirements, please contact us on [email protected] or complete the contact us form.