R-OAM - Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring

R-OAM - Ricardo Objective Assessment & Monitoring

Ricardo’s Objective Assessment and Monitoring software package (R-OAM) is our flexible analysis tool for creating objective attribute indicators from raw test or simulation data.

Ricardo has built a wealth of deep attribute experience in vehicle behaviour across more than 20 years and a broad range of applications, which has been used to develop R-OAM.

Modular Structure

The core R-OAM software is accompanied by a variety of toolboxes to introduce metrics suited to a multitude of applications. This modular structure allows additional extensions, ensuring the flexibility and relevance of the core software to customer brand, attribute or platform requirements.

Value Added Data

R-OAM reduces process steps allowing engineers to focus on product development rather than data processing. The automated event detection dramatically reduces data processing time. 

R-OAM prompts a move away from subjective ratings for vehicle attributes, using objective metrics to quantify attributes in a way that is reliable, repeatable and allows for fast comparison.

Data Analysis & Presentation

Data is imported to R-OAM from a wide range of sources, including multiple data loggers such as Influx, ASAM, csv and MatLab file formats. User selected measures and user defined constants control the R-OAM analysis process, with automated event detection for fast and simple event reviewing and adjustments.

R-OAM’s measures quickly calculate to give clear objective metrics such as torque interrupt, torque roll off rate, EV inverter power and DCDC power in/out. These allow simple and efficient target setting and benchmarking of target vehicles.

Benefits of R-OAM

  • Reduced vehicle attribute development time and cost
    • Using recorded CAN data minimises acquisition setup time
    • Automated event detection dramatically reduces analysis time
  • Increased consumer satisfaction through achievement of performance targets based on objective analysis
  • Quick objective assessment of attributes and comparison to targets
  • Fast expansion of your benchmarking database
  • Ongoing support and customisation from our development Engineers and Programmers

To get directly in contact with the R-OAM team to discuss your business needs and requirements, please contact us on [email protected]