Controls & calibration

Controls & calibration

Modern transmissions require increasing levels of electronic control and calibration to boost performance and fuel economy. Ricardo assists clients by providing system architecture concept studies, transmission control unit hardware, and sensor and actuator selection, based on an objective selection tool.

We also develop both high and low level control software, for conventional and hybrid powertrains, ranging from basic function control to integrated vehicle systems.

FAST-R: Flexible Advanced Software for Transmission control from Ricardo

Ricardo’s FAST-R provides customers with a highly adaptable baseline transmission software which enables rapid production of solutions for any application, and for a wide range of transmission types including AMT, AT, CVT, DCT, and hybrid powertrains.

FAST-R has been successful at significantly reducing product development time, cost and risk. A modular approach allows our engineers to quickly adapt FAST-R to align with new concepts and architectures, this also means that FAST-R is well-suited for rapid prototyping as well as production intent development. FAST-R also uses high level lessons-learned and logic reuse enabling the software to continually adapt and improve capturing over 30 man years of experience from previous projects. All software functions undergo unit level and system level testing resulting in improved software quality, reliability, and architecture.

Ricardo offers open access to FAST-R software subject to a one-off IP fee. A number of options are available depending on customer needs. Please get in contact for more information.

rCube2: Rapid prototyping ECU

rCube2 is a user ready rapid prototyping electronic control unit (ECU) based on AUTOSAR that enables fast and efficient development of control systems from initial concept to production.

The system has been successfully used on a number of projects including diesel/gasoline/CNG engines, transmission, hybrid powertrain control, as well as real-time 1-D gas dynamics engine model integration (WAVE-RT) into an engine control strategy.

Key benefits of the Ricardo service

  • Access to a world-class team of control and calibration specialists with expertise and experience across a wide range of transmission types and vehicle applications including passenger, sports, commercial and agricultural vehicles
  • A team capable of adapting their design approach to meet a client’s or Ricardo’s standards and processes
  • Open access to Ricardo’s FAST-R for a one off IP fee
  • Compliance to ISO 26262 (if required) and MISRA-C/MAAB guidelines
  • V-cycle or AGILE development process can be followed depending on project needs