Research & technology

Research & technology

Research and innovation has been at the very core of Ricardo’s DNA since its foundation just over a century ago

Today, Ricardo is as active as ever in developing the technology and intellectual property that will form the basis of tomorrow’s more sustainable products. Through internal research, industrial research partnerships and government sponsored collaborative projects, Ricardo remains at the cutting edge of technology in all our products, market sectors and geographic territories. Access to Ricardo’s vast portfolio of intellectual property rights (IPR) is available to customers wishing to acquire new technologies and our experience and expertise is available to those wishing to exploit their own IPR to maximum advantage.

ULTRAN: Ultra Lightweight Transmission and Driveline

ULTRAN casing or RDU (rendered) imageA recent example of Ricardo’s R&D is ULTRAN, an Innovate-UK collaborative research project led by Jaguar Land Rover with grant support from InnovateUK.

ULTRAN’s key objective was to accelerate cost-effective lightweight drivetrain technologies for powertrain weight reduction, vehicle performance and CO2 improvements.

One of the challenges Ricardo took on, was the lightweighting of a transmission casing, the result, a 16% overall mass saving (1.9kg saving over baseline).

For more information on Ricardo’s work for ULTRAN, please visit the page.

Key benefits of the Ricardo service

  • Access to world-class teams of research and development specialists with expertise and experience across a wide range of industrial sectors
  • A collaborative partner and innovator independent of any manufacturer or large industrial grouping and hence completely unbiased and fully objective
  • Licensing opportunities for existing Ricardo IPR which covers a range of technical solutions and insights in all of the sectors in which we operate – enables customers to implement new innovations faster and more robustly