Specialist testing facilities

We offer fully supported test plans on our specialised in-house facilities which include 2E, 3E and 5E rigs, hybrid/EV capability, battery simulation, functional spin rigs, tilt rigs and a hydraulics rig.

We tailor each test plan to the requirements of the individual client. Whether it’s testing a current product or optimising product performance and durability during development, we can offer a comprehensive plan with a competitive timeframe.

Key benefits of the Ricardo service

  • Capable of offering support for a standalone test or a full development and validation program
  • Adaptable rig control software written and developed by Ricardo engineers to meet customers exact requirements
  • Rigorous examination of components to determine methods of reducing friction, increasing mechanical efficiency, optimising NVH, and improving reliability
  • Expertise in testing all transmissions technologies for all automotive and motorsport sectors including hybrid and EV