We are active in a wide range of benchmarking services that enable robust technical and commercial comparisons to be made, helping our customers develop a more competitive future product strategy.

Benchmarking capabilities

  • Design
  • Cost
  • Individual components to complete systems
  • Powertrain performance & emissions
  • NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness)

Key benefits of the Ricardo service

  • Broad ranging product knowledge, engineering expertise and benchmarking test and evaluation facilities for engines, drivelines, transmissions, battery systems and vehicles
  • Access to extensive internal Ricardo databases of benchmark information including many off-the-shelf reports on market-leading products.
  • Evaluation against the processes and design guidelines of Ricardo’s world-class in-house design team
  • Technical commentary by experienced engineers
  • Independent of any OEM, supplier, technology etc.
  • Choose only what you want, no subscription fee
  • Arrange meeting at Ricardo UK sites to view the hardware etc. and discuss the report with the engineers who conducted the study and wrote the report
  • Consortium members (where applicable) can influence future benchmark priorities

Benchmarking products and services

  • EconoMark: CO2 Reduction Technology Benchmarking - this service focuses on benchmarking the latest low CO2 passenger cars featuring and state-of-the-art powertrain technologies
  • SONAR: NVH Benchmarking - an international automotive powertrain NVH consortium organized and led by Ricardo for over 15 years
  • Design Benchmarking - comparison of product designs, in either finished or concept form, against Ricardo design guidelines and competitor products