Control & Calibration

Control & Calibration

Ricardo has been at the forefront of powertrain control for over 25 years, developing algorithms and strategies that are in production around the world, and is continually working on solutions for future generations.

Ricardo offers an end-to-end service and can undertake specific tasks through to the entire control development including design, development, HiL test, calibration, commissioning, test-bed development, vehicle development and covering algorithms, software and hardware. The one-stop-shop for advanced control systems.

Ricardo has a number of control tools for successful development:

rCube2 Rapid Prototyping Control Unit - a powerful tool to develop current and future control algorithms, including high integrity systems.

  • Model Predictive Control - over 10 years experience in developing MPC algorithms, tailored to the specific demands of automotive applications; fast responses, low processing power, highly non-linear systems
  • HiL Testing & Configuration - over 15 years experience of HiL testing and configuration
  • WAVE-RT - a real-time, crank-angle resolved, and physically-based engine modelling tool designed for SiL and HiL testing of engine management systems
  • On Board Diagnostics (OBD) - vast experience supporting our clients with OBD system development, calibration and homologation
  • Integrated Model Based Development (IMBD) - highly adaptable and customisable modelling capability

Engine calibration

Ricardo has a broad range of calibration experience, delivering to global emissions standards across worldwide markets and vehicle sectors.

The team provide full turnkey calibration from single to multi-platform projects for passenger car, heavy duty and off highway market sectors.

Our calibration expertise includes:

  • Emissions and Fuel Economy
  • Aftertreatment Systems
  • OBD Development & Formal Documentation
  • Driveability
  • Combustion Noise
  • Climatic Development
  • Robustness, including emissions, local market fuels, etc
  • Certification Events
  • Validation Fleet Testing
  • Product Launch Support
  • On-going Product Development & In-service Support

The Efficient Calibration Toolset supports the whole calibration process, from R&D to series production.  Developed by Ricardo, our tools include:

  • Global DoE Toolkit – for calibration optimisation incorporating empirical dynamic models and physical aftertreatment models
  • Model Parameterisation Tool – for calibrating ECU models including torque, air path, exhaust temperature models
  • Fleet Data Manager – for analysis and reporting of OBD vehicle data