Noise, vibration & harshness

Noise, vibration & harshness

Ricardo has been a leader in NVH development and optimization for nearly 50 years.

Throughout this time we have continuously improved our analysis techniques, facilities and resources.

Sound Quality is used by Ricardo to powerfully convey the product or brand image to the customer and differentiate in the marketplace, increasing desirability and sales

From product concept development through to production, we deliver class-leading NVH solutions to meet the most exacting requirements both of our customers and of product legislation.

Engine NVH services

  • The Ricardo NVH process ensures NVH is considered at all stages of product development
  • Model-based analysis tools are used to front-load NVH optimisation, balance NVH with other attributes and fast-track project delivery
  • NVH is evaluated against scatter bands and targets based on an extensive NVH database – generated from over 20 years of SONAR consortium benchmarking of class leading diesel, gasoline and hybrid powertrains
  • The extensive NVH test facilities at Ricardo enable accurate measurement of NVH phenomena for efficient benchmarking, development testing and validation
  • Facilities comprise three powertrain semi-anechoic test cells, vehicle anechoic test facility (modal analysis room, vehicle workshop and semi-anechoic chassis dyno), exterior noise track and listening room (multi-media suite) 
  • The RAS-R system provides electronic augmentation of internal combustion or electric power unit sound quality using live-streaming authentic sound sources, rich in genuine information content.