Jaguar I-Pace NVH Benchmarking

Jaguar I-Pace NVH Benchmarking

The Ricardo NVH team have conducted an independent evaluation of the Jaguar I-Pace. This comprehensive benchmarking activity has been compiled into a detailed and informative report. 

Pricing will start from £6,000 for the base report or you can chose to purchase the report with raw test data included. 

The report insights 

The Ricardo NVH engineers focussed the benchmarking of the I-Pace on the vehicle and system levels covering the following:

Subjective NVH assessment:
EV powertrain, road noise and other significant NVH attributes 

NVH design review:
Assessment of key NVH points of interest

Proving ground data:
Transient, steady state and stationary operating conditions
Interior noise and vibration
Evaluation of Jaguar Enhanced Sound Design System
Dominant order identification including Tone-in-Band analysis
Front and rear Electric Drive Unit (EDU) radiated noise
Structural isolation across front and rear EDU mounts
Road noise including hub vibration on road noise generating surfaces

NVH facility data:
Sound Transmission Loss (STL) from front and rear EDU
Vehicle Acoustic Transparency
Noise and Vibration Transfer Functions 
Attachment Stiffness
Equivalent Body Hole Size

The benefit

The depth of  Ricardo NVH expertise spans almost 50 years of engineering excellence within the automotive sector. Couple this with Ricardo's industry leading authority on platform benchmarking, this report provides results essential for NVH Managers and Vehicle Systems Leaders in EV OEM’s and Tier 1 providers to enable vehicle level comparisons and cascaded system level target setting from the latest premium EV benchmark.

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