Realistic Augmented Sound by Ricardo (RAS-R)

Realistic Augmented Sound by Ricardo (RAS-R)

Ricardo Realistic Augmented Sound (RAS-R) delivers high quality power unit sound to enhance driving experience, strengthen brand image and protect pedestrians.

Premium, luxury and sports car manufacturers rank power unit sound as one of the most important vehicle attributes – it enhances the dynamic driving experience and conveys excitement and emotion as part of the brand image.

For internal combustion engines, turbocharging and tightening pass-by regulations limit the extent to which ‘natural’ sound can be used.

For electric vehicles, strong responsive performance is not naturally matched by sound, leading to poor driving experience, poor brand image, and danger for pedestrians.

RAS-R, uniquely, uses a sensor on the power unit to provide a live stream of authentic sound, rich in genuine information.  Other augmented sound systems only use sound synthesis – increasingly perceived to be fake and artificial and thus not appropriate for premium cars.

The sensor signal is digitally filtered and enhanced to meet brand sound requirements before being replayed in the cabin and outside the car.

The result is a tuneable sound that enhances the dynamic driving experience, the brand image and pedestrian safety – in a system easily re-calibrated for vehicle variants and potentially implemented at low cost by sharing existing vehicle components

Ricardo offers:

  • Single-board-computer-based hardware system, running proprietary software
  • Software licencing and system integration into third party audio hardware
  • Bespoke tuning service to meet brand requirements

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