Smart emissions control and air quality mapping

Smart emissions control and air quality mapping

Our Smart Emission Control and Air Quality Solutions

Our innovative solutions help improve air quality in real time with a combination of vehicle modelling, dynamic air quality measurements and smartphone applications.

Our solutions use geofencing and electronic horizon technology to enable hybrid drivers to benefit from improved fuel economy, whilst also ensuring fewer harmful emissions are produced when in low emissions zones.

Recent results for our clients have demonstrated up to a 30% reduction in harmful emissions and a 7% fuel consumption improvement.

Ricardo Geofence
Our range of technologies include an app based solution for smart emissions control

Councils & Local Authorities

Local councils can improve urban air quality in ultra-low emission zones with our solution, whilst also unlocking critical data about hybrid vehicle operations and performance. Our solution can ensure compliance and also generate revenue from the huge number of plug-in electric hybrid drivers who utilise it.


Vehicle Manufacturers

Vehicle OEMs need to adapt in order to comply with the increase in zero emission operations in cities worldwide. Leveraging real world data to drive operational improvements will allow OEMs to bridge the gap to fully zero emissions solutions. Embedding Ricardo's geofencing solution will also further improve performance dynamically for end-users. 


Fleet Operators

Fleet operators are facing increasing prices for fuel costs and logistics. Our smart emissions control technology provides a practical solution to increase fuel efficiency via the energy control management system. By utilising a smartphone application, it is possible to retrofit the solution into existing fleets to realise the benefits immediately.


Why Ricardo for Air Quality Geofencing and Mapping?

With over 100 years of experience delivering innovative solutions worldwide for an impressive range of clients, our expert team of engineers are ready to support you with today’s challenges.

Low emission zone
Our solutions will help to improve air quality in LEZ and ULEZ areas.

Our team has a proven system for adapting hybrid vehicle energy management systems in real time. Combined with our geofencing smartphone application, we can directly improve air quality in ringfenced low and ultra-low emission zones whilst also improving vehicle efficiency.

Talk to us about your project requirements today, our solution can be implemented in a number of ways:

  • Retrofit using Smartphone Application
  • Complete Turnkey Solution
  • Vehicle Integrated Solution


Our smart emissions control and air quality solutions can be tailored to your specific objective.  We map our proven solution to your challenge and propose the most effective way of achieving it, whether you’re looking for improved efficiency, cleaner air in urban areas or emissions compliance.

Ricardo has an unrivalled depth of knowledge in software development for emissions control, from development to implementation.  Coupled with our environmental consultancy, Ricardo is uniquely positioned to deliver real results with the capability to engineer tangible solutions across our global technical centres.

  • Extensive engineering experience
  • Global technical centres
  • Hardware capability
  • Software capability


Ricardo works across a broad range of market sectors and industries. Our smart emissions control and air quality software services are aimed at organisations within the automotive, rail, industrial and public sectors.

Our solution is often utilised by vehicle OEMs, fleet operators and local councils. It is applicable to a wide range of hybrid vehicle platforms, including:

  • Passenger car
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Off-Highway vehicles

Our Clients & Partners

We’ve worked with a number of high-profile clients across our entire automotive consultancy and engineering business. Get in touch for more information.

This programme received funding from the Geospatial Commission and Innovate UK.


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Ricardo worked with Brighton & Hove Buses to optimise their fleet using geofencing technology.

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Press Release

Ricardo has received funding from the Geospatial Commission develop technology that enables hybrid electric vehicles to intelligently modify how they operate to help improve air quality in towns and cities.

Low Emissions Zone
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