Niche manufacturing

Niche manufacturing

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Experts in niche volume manufacture and assembly

Ricardo Performance Products has been at the forefront of niche volume programs for over 40 years. Specialists in complex, precision, electromechanical products, Performance Products has delivered projects from individual components through to complete powertrain systems in markets as diverse as automotive, defence, aerospace and rail around the world.

Although best recognised for its achievements in the supply of many of world’s hyper car transmissions or assembly of high performance super car engines, ultimately it is a developer of advanced niche volume production solutions in automotive and other performance driven markets.

Performance Products in house capabilities are both flexible and broad; from industrial engineering teams focused on developing assembly solutions from 1 to 100 products per week, to supply chain specialists sourcing critical components from across the global, to in house precision machining - converting some of the world’s most exotic materials, Performance Products has the skills to deliver an unrivalled solution.

From the pioneering early hyper cars such as the Jaguar XJ220 & McLaren F1 through to the demands of full OEM production vehicles such as the Volkswagen’s Bugatti Veyron & Ford’s GT, to the most extreme current automotive projects such as the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Bugatti Chiron, Performance Products has been selected for its unrivalled transmission manufacturing capabilities. With a dedicated machining facility of over 4,500 square meters, capable of producing every element of high performance transmission, Performance Products maintains a capability not only assemble the words most advanced transmissions but to control every element of their manufacture.


In the world of Engine assembly, Performance Products has developed niche volume assembly line technology appropriate for volumes up to 10,000 engines per year and successfully installed and operates its first production line at its Headquarters in Shoreham-by-Sea where on average 100 engines per week are continuously assembled and tested the most exacting OEM standards. With production now successfully in tens of thousands and a supply chain that has supported over a dozen engine derivatives, Performance Products is globally recognised as the leader in independent niche volume high performance engine manufacture.

Engine assembly

The continued advances in electrification has extended into many markets including high performance road cars. Whether the application is manufacturing an electrified front axle for a hybrid supercar or assembling the battery system for a full EV sports car, Performance Products has experience in the sourcing, assembling and testing of production solutions in these demanding new applications.


Central to its success across all these applications is Performance Products fundamental quality methodology. From no-faults forward production layouts, poka-yoke assembly tools, PPAP techniques from design, through supply chain accreditation to assembly and end of line testing, Performance Products ensures every product is supplied to an unrivalled standard.  These capabilities are further underlined with the numerous accreditations Performance Products hold, from industry standards such as ISO 9001 to specialist certifications such as AS9100, Performance Products is independently accredited to robust quality requirements.

Ultimately Performance Products represents the partner of choice where robust, niche volume, complex assembly solutions are required to meet the most demanding applications and time scales.