Ricardo provide functional and durability testing of components and systems to allow testing in less time, with lower costs and less risk. This mean allowing early testing before an engine is available and focused testing so that other systems do not influence the results, meaning greater control over the test environment with more repeatable results.

  • Functional testing to support general engine development
  • Durability testing to confirm design life or establish safety factors
  • Validation testing to confirm validity of analysis, or to check manufacturing process
  • Allows instrumentation options that would be impossible on a fired engine
  • Can permit increased loading for accelerated wear and shorter tests

We can provide services in the following areas under component testing:

  • Absolute strength and fatigue testing
  • Thermal testing
  • Motoring rigs
  • Simulation of fired engine conditions

Key benefits of the Ricardo service

  • Static axial and bending testing
  • Axial, bending and torsional fatigue
  • Combustion load simulation (hydropulse rig)
  • Engine simulator (torsional vibration rig)
  • Motoring rigs - partial engine rotational testing
  • FIE test rig
  • Airflow measurement rigs
  • Thermal shock and coolant circuit rigs