Facility Capabilities

Facility Capabilities

The Electrified Propulsion Research Centre can operate 24/7 with full integration of test scheduling, climatic control and other automation capabilities. The EPRC has a comprehensive range of measurement equipment to support test programmes, all controlled by the automation system. The EPRC has modular test equipment to support:

  • High performance and 4WD projects
  • Climatic powertrain rig testing
  • Fuels and lubrication and cooling fluids testing in EVs
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  • Twin inter-connected climatic test chambers operating between -12°C and +50°C with controlled humidity
  • Four low-inertia PM dynamometers each rated at 314kW, 3000Nm continuous
  • Total 1100kW of electrical power absorption from dynamometers
  • Modular, reconfigurable fluid conditioning, cooling and ventilation systems
  • 2x 400kW 1100V battery simulators
  • Fully transient control and automation system with flexible test cycle programming
  • Interfaces to a comprehensive range of measurement systems, including analytical instruments and high-speed data acquisition
  • Accommodates a range of applications - including automotive, commercial, industrial and off-highway, defence, motorcycles and motorsport

Flexible, modular layout
Enables us to install and test discreet powertrain subsystems all the way up to full vehicles and everything in-between.


Climatic and humidity controlled
Enables climate testing to temperatures below -10°C and in excess of 50°C , including the option of external fluid conditioning when required.

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High performance testing
Our dynamic, low-inertia dynamometers can achieve over 1MW of transient power absorption in a range of configurations enabling us test very high performance systems.

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Battery Simulation
Our battery simulation capabilities of up to 800KW at 1100V can accommodate very high performance EV powertrains.


Our digital twin system enables parallel virtual development to allow us real-world test of powertrain system without the need for prototype vehicles.


Test automation and control
Can be fully integrated with a real-time simulation environment, in order to perform different dynamic scenarios to represent driver, transmission, vehicle characteristics, disturbances and interactions with the external environment.


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