High Performance EV, ICE and HEV Testing

High Performance EV, ICE and HEV Testing

The Electrified Propulsion Research Centre (EPRC) is well suited to testing high performance vehicles. It can perform highly dynamic cycles and manoeuvres, including track simulations, as well as standardised legislative cycles such as WLTP and RDE.

Fully integrated testing

The EPRC is designed to optimise the development process for high performance vehicles by integrating seamlessly with Ricardo’s digital analysis, simulation and calibration toolset.

High Performance Testing in the EPRC

The EPRC is configurable for high performance and heavy duty testing for applications such as premium automotive and supercar, motorsport, off-highway, industrial and defence.

Complete Vehicle Performance Testing

The Electrified Propulsion Research Centre is designed for high performance testing of electric vehicles in a variety of climatic conditions:

  1. Low Inertia Dynamometers
    Ultra-low Inertia Permanent Magnet (PM) machines enable us to reproduce the high acceleration rates and dynamic transient events associated with high performance vehicles. Dynamic conditions such as variable traction surfaces, torque vectoring and aggressive driving inputs can be simulated to evaluate and validate vehicle control systems of high performance vehicles.
Climatic control
Climatic Control capability of the EPRC
  1. Thermal Management of High Performance Systems
    The thermal management characteristics of high performance systems under test conditions can be measured under a variety of climatic conditions, from -12°C to 50°C. This capability enables characterisation of the vehicle performance through a wide range of real-world conditions, not only those available in a test facility with fixed ambient temperature. Electric battery range, thermal management and optimisation of vehicle performance and cabin comfort can be assessed, developed and optimised to meet the needs of demanding customers.
  2. Variety of Climatic Test Conditions
    Climate controlled test environment enables testing under a variety of real world temperature conditions.

High Performance Applications

The Electrified Propulsion Research Centre can be set up to calibrate, measure and test a range of vehicle including ICE, hybrid and fully electric vehicle technologies:

  • High performance EV
  • High performance hybrid
  • High performance ICE

EV technology provides high performance vehicles with dynamic capabilities that have previously been unachievable. Instant motor torque available from standstill, with excellent delivery to the road surface through traction control, has the potential to deliver outstanding vehicle performance.

However, the design, implementation and optimisation of these systems is extremely complex. The EPRC provides a comprehensive test platform that is capable in all these respects: hardware selection and integration, control system development and total system validation. 

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