Engine testing and simulation

Engine testing and simulation

Engine testing

Providing the right facilities to test engines cost-effectively and efficiently is one of the core objectives of the Ricardo’s testing organization. Based in the UK, mainland Europe and North America, we can provide a comprehensive service to customers whether investigating the performance benefits of a new technology or working in parallel with and complementing an established test and validation process.

A comprehensive engine test engineering service

  • Test development facilities for products ranging from 5cc model aero engines to multi megawatt power generation units
  • Regenerative AC motoring facilities for highly transient response and vehicle simulation
  • Engine durability, demonstrating and improving reliability and reducing warranty risk – 24/7 availability typically provides 130 to 140 hours testing per week dependent on the robustness of the engine build level and service requirements
  • Base engine testing - understanding the mechanical performance to improve efficiency and develop and evaluate new solutions
  • Performance and emissions testing - enhancing performance and improving fuel economy while achieving the desired emissions compliance
  • Extensive and detailed instrumentation capability with climatic cells and chiller units for thermal shocking, tilting cells for oil circuit development and programmable systems for automated testing
  • Specialist precision micro instrumentation for in-depth studies in inaccessible locations
  • Automated test systems using advanced optimization techniques such as design of experiments, automated mapping and vehicle calibration on test bed for improved data quality and reduced development times
  • Advanced techniques for benchmarking of production engines with closed ECUs
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Validating and homologating new products
  • Developing the NVH signature and brand image
  • Benchmarking studies of competitor products

Analysis and simulation 

Simulation and analysis of complex systems and components is a crucial part of the Ricardo design and development process, helping to ensure optimal performance while achieving key product aspirations for weight, package size and lifecycle cost. Ricardo has pioneered the development and application of state-of-the-art analysis processes in design, enabling the implementation of highly innovative solutions to aggressively tight timescales.

A world-leader in mechanical and thermo-fluid CAE simulation technology

  • Computer-aided engineering methods integrated closely with design and development processes for maximum effectiveness
  • A full capability from concept development to manufacturing implementation and including forensic analysis, investigation and resolution of known problems with in-service products
  • Extensive library of CAE models, data, benchmark databases and design guidelines covering a wide range of applications
  • Access to the advanced suite of Ricardo Software CAE products for powertrain simulation as well as access to leading third party commercial analysis tools
  • Sophisticated tools for analysis and optimization of engine reciprocating components, crankshaft and valvetrain systems including belt, chain and gear drives
  • Engine and driveline optimization including performance, emissions and NVH
  • Vehicle structural design, dynamics development and crashworthiness analysis
  • Powertrain and vehicle thermal management optimization, including underhood flow simulation and HVAC system development
  • Transmission design including 3D tooth contact analysis across torque and misalignment ranges and rolling element bearing contact analysis including effects of lubricant viscosity, temperature and flow rate
  • Electrical and advanced powertrain design support
  • Clean energy product design and development support.

Key benefits of the Ricardo service

  • Access to a world-leading team of experts in mechanical and thermo-fluid analysis with cross-industry experience
  • Delivery of fast, robust analysis to support key design decisions reducing testing requirement and problem resolution
  • Validated workflow over many years of analysis experience, including quality and process reviews and audits
  • Unrivalled experience across many applications within the automotive and clean energy sectors.