Noise, vibration & harshness

Noise, vibration & harshness

Noise, vibration and harshness testing and simulation

Ricardo has provided Noise and Vibration Services for over 40 years specialising in Automotive, Marine and other transport industries.

  • Ricardo NVH has teams based at Shoreham, Leamington, Detroit, Italy and Germany
  • Powertrain NVH Specialists:
    • 14 NVH engineers based at Shoreham

Three powertrain anechoic test facilities

  • Typical specification of these cells
    • Dimensions: 7m x 6m x 3.5m
    • Cut-off: 100Hz (ISO 3745)
    • Wedge Spec: 0.7m Fire Resistant Graphite Loaded Open Cell Foam (DX30F)
    • Background Noise: PNC35
    • Absorption Capabilities:
      • Borghi & Severi FE900
      • 4100Nm from 400rpm
      • 662kW @ 1500rpm
      • 4000rpm max shaft speed
    • Motoring capability:
      • McClure DC3250C DC Motor
      • 350Nm @2400rpm

One vehicle anechoic test facility

  • Anechoic treatment
    • IAC Metadyne perforated metallic wedge with acoustically absorbent filling
    • 63Hz anechoic cut-off frequency
  • Dynamometer
    • Fully-regenerative (four quadrant) AC drive system
    • Dynamotive DCS.7 control system for road load simulation, speed and torque control
    • Motoring up to 300kW 5300Nm
    • Absorbing up to 340kW 6100Nm
    • Speed up to 200km/h
    • Axle capability up to 2000Kg
    • 200kW cell ventilation heat rejection
    • High intensity 500 lux LED lighting