Research and Development Testing Services

Research and Development Testing Services

Ricardo supports our clients with all elements of research and development testing including validation for automotive ICE, HEV and EV platforms. Our engineering expertise and world-class capability in manufacturing and production means that we can support the development of new technologies from concept through to production.

We understand that research and development requires engineering knowledge, precision testing and analysis, and flexible scheduling. That is why we offer a comprehensive flexible service which goes beyond testing and validation to carry out customer tests with a deeper understanding of the engineering objectives behind them.

R&D testing in the VERC
Our customers trust us to effectively manage complex vehicle development programmes tailored to meet time critical objectives without compromise on the integrity of the testing and validation. Our services include:

  • Advanced system development, design and validation
  • Future propulsion development including alternative fuels and hybrid electric
  • Calibration development for performance, emissions and diagnostics
  • Legislation and compliance assessment and analysis

Research into advanced vehicle systems

The development of future technology requires precisely controlled testing of complex and often highly prototype systems. Ricardo is experienced in setting up and performing testing to provide robust data for validation. We provide support to assemble instrument systems, and provide insights into performance via a wide range of measurement systems.

Vehicle emissions research and development

Ricardo operate vehicle chassis dyno test facilities at our Midlands and Shoreham Technical Centres to support engineering development programs. Our world class facilities provide controlled and repeatable conditions to perform testing on regulated cycles to develop vehicles to global emissions standards. With a wide range of capability, we can support a number of different development activities.

Vehicle emissions testing in the VERC

We are a trusted emissions development testing partner for OEM manufacturers across the globe. We deliver emissions development services which cover all global standards, covering everything from the designing and conducting emissions testing plans and experiments, through to an issue resolution service for any problems which might be identified.

Ricardo understand the compressed timescales of development programs. We offer high efficiency testing with a very high test success rate and rapid turnaround of data. We work closely with development teams to support the setup and execution of testing from preparing vehicles with the correct fuels and aftertreatment systems to modifying calibrations between tests.
These services can also be delivered using our remote access tools, enabling our customers to support testing without the need to travel to site to save them time and budget.


Future Emissions Capability for Euro 7 and beyond

Ricardo has been at the forefront of developing methodologies and techniques to measure emissions to Euro 7 emissions regulations.
With Euro 7 emissions standards likely to come into law in 2025, we expect that they will go beyond current standards with the requirement to measure new pollutants and in finer detail than the current emissions legislations call for. It is expected that this will include the measurement of 10nm particulates.

As well as being able to meet all current legislative requirements, Ricardo already has onsite capability to measure to the expected Euro 7 emissions standards. We can support our customers in their preparation for the new emissions standards through the assessment of current products and the development of future products to meet these standards.

Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) Development Services

Ricardo can support the full requirements for onboard diagnostic (OBD) testing and development. We routinely perform this type of testing for our partners, supported by our vehicle workshop team.

Vehicle testing in the VERC

Our facility enables high throughput screening (HTS) utilising 24/7 shifts to perform multiple test cycles per day. The facility embraces simulation of hardware through the product development process. However, physical testing of hardware in the loop, in a variety of climate conditions, can be incorporated as an essential touchpoint at key stages during product development cycles.

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