Initial agenda of technical papers

In addition to technical papers, there will be strong interactive activities at the conference including site tours, workshops, break-out sessions and live demonstrations.

Electric vehicles

  • Multi-attribute architecture solutions for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Ricardo
  • xEV thermal management: model based development and model predictive control. Ricardo
  • Thermal analysis including product specification and analysis
  • Electric drive noise vibration and harshness (NVH) predictive analysis. Ricardo

Future internal combustion engine

  • Simulation and model based engine validation and calibration. Ford
  • Virtual calibration to improve the design of a low emissions gasoline engine. Ricardo
  • An Assessment of the New Turbulence and SI Predictive Combustion Models Available in Wave and Wave RT for the Simulation of Gasoline Direct Injection Engines. Oxford Brookes University and Ricardo Software
  • Simulation of fuel economy from asperity upwards to full engine mapping across valvetrain, piston, and crank. BP

Virtual Product Development

  • Discrete Element (DEM) Simulations in off-highway machines. Mahindra
  • Virtual reality in product development. Ricardo

Key themes

  • Virtual Product Development: a right-first-time design approach with more efficient physical testing through eliminating prototype hardware stages in the development process.
  • Virtual Calibration
  • Virtual Validation to reduce product development time, cost and risk

Industry sectors

  • Passenger car
  • Heavy duty/off highway
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Motorcycle